Do Films Actually Work?

Seems like everyone is doing films now, doesn’t it? Businesses big and small are commissioning their own films left and right. Many clients come to us wanting to do a film but they aren’t exactly sure why or what they want to make a film about or where to begin. They see their competitors posting films, then they have to post one… but do you ever wonder films really make a difference? 

The answer is yes. 

I love a great success story. The Town of Rehoboth needed to get voters to pass a referendum to borrow $18M to redesign city hall and the Police Department. The Mayor needed a powerful tool to get the residents of the town to fully understand the current, dire situation that the police force was dealing with day to day in their facility and to illustrate the severely outdated working environment for the government officials. So they came to us to create a film asking for the voters support. 

In addition, a project that needed to be approved was the Ocean Outfall for Wastewater in Rehoboth for the towns of Rehoboth, Dewey, Lewes and Henlopen Acres. A plan was proposed to address the issue of finding an environmentally safe removal process that required approval of $51.5M to fund the project. 

Both budgets were approved. 

In short words, films get the job done. The job might be big or it might be small. You might see an immediate impact or a more long-term change. Every film you put out there has a purpose and each one creates one loop in the fabric you are weaving to create an engaged audience. 

So let’s go make a film! 



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